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Mental Health Medication

How useful is it?

Medication used in the treatment of acute and chronic mental illnesses are necessary in treating symptoms of illnesses. Although medication is necessary it is not the only way in helping you cope with the symptoms, regular meetings with people who can continually assess you, along with provide support and strategies for coping with unwanted symptoms, build a routines, and provide safe spaces for people to be in.

Most medicines to treat mental health problems, can have a number of adverse side effects for example blood disorders, tremors, weight gain, joint stiffness, nausea, stomach complaints to list but a few. All of these side effects need to be monitored in order for you to have the control and confid

ence to speak with your GP/Consultant about your experiences.

We would like to here your experiences of the Mental Health System, medication management, risk assessments, and inpatient care.

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