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Physical Exercise & Mental Health.

Does physical exercise have a positive effect on our mental health?

Our mental wellbeing is dependent on our physical well being, and exercise is the way to a helping our mental health.

So how does physical exercise impact on our mental health?

Provides routine

Improves motivation

Improves sleep pattern

Increases appetite

Improves your memory and

Boosts your overall mood.

To benefit from all of this, you don't have to be a fitness fanatic either. So who can benefit, people suffering from ADHD, depression, and more chronic illnesses, for people with ADHD, exercise can help with channelling hyperactivity into a structured and meaningful exercise for them.

Jeff Brazier (TV Personality) has completed some good work in helping people with mental health issues to become more active and use exercise as a meaningful form of treatment, by creating spaces like walking and talking groups for local people to participate in. (should we do something like this around Hondon).

Lets have this open and honest chat on how exercise has helped or hindered you in coping with your mental wellbeing.

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