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Queen Elizabeth II

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

My heart felt sympathy goes out to all of the Royal family, and the people of the United Kingdom, as Queen Elizabeth was the most stabilising person of the Countries. Watching the procession going to Westminster Hall its made me reflect on Princess Diana's Funeral. The prince of Wales (William) and Prince Harry have yet again had to endure this long lonely walk behind a funeral procession.

I wonder how much this occasion brings back the overwhelming thoughts and feelings that those boy have had to face since her death. These two men have braved military life, war zones, and the continued grief of loosing their mother in such tragic circumstance, and now the death of their beloved Grandma must resurrect the overwhelming feelings of grief they felt so many years ago.

Watching Prince Harry walk behind the gun carriage with the late queen resting on it, not wearing his uniform that he was so proud of, only having to bow his head to the Cenotaph rather than paying his respects with a salute.

All of this he has had to endure because of the love of a woman. a woman who was brave enough to admit to having mental health issues due to the stress and possibly other undisclosed problems. Harry has acknowledged and sort counsel for his own mental health issues.

The royal family aren't allowed to have personal grief, and must always show that truly British "Stiff upper Lip", however they are entitled to their own space for the loss of the family matriarch, counsellor, mother, and grand mother.

May the Queen Rest in eternal Peace, and that Princes William and Harry fine peace of mind for what I can only assume is another difficult and and stressful time.

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