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How We Can Help

Since 1998, I’ve been a trusted partner for my clients to help them achieve healthy and balanced personal lives and relationships. As a Registered Mental Health Nurse, I’m deeply committed to being there when you need me most—helping you explore, heal, and move forward into a happy and healthy mindset. Get in touch to book a session with me today! 

What conditions can we help with?

Firstly even before meeting you, we will ask you to complete an assessment form, which outlines what you feel the issue you need to tackle, after reviewing your assessment we will meet either face-to-face or via video conference (each video conference has a unique reference number to join) which will be sent to you before the session. During the get-to-know session, we will discuss, your assessment, and create a working treatment plan if you feel comfortable with progressing.


You will be registered on a system where your notes are created and held, and you have access to it 24 hours a day. You can also make amendments or cancel appointments. No one else has access to your data, and the Portal is HIPAA compliant and certified, you will be given a link for you to log in and manage your personal details etc. At our initial meeting, we will arrange another appointment if you are comfortable, where we discuss your assessment in more detail, and continue with the agreed plan.

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