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Archie Battersbea (Death)

This poor boys mother is being heavily criticised for her continued demanding of a public enquiry into the care and treatment of her son whilst in hospital, and then having to fight a court battle over the best interest of her son.

Grief is a horrible but necessary emotion for everyone to go through after loosing a loved one, all we want is that person back with us, and to blame everyone else for their death, due to her displaced anger, and guilt if rumours are to be believed.

Many rumours have circulated about the circumstances of Archies eventual death, from trying to commit suicide, participating in a online game, and being left alone by his mother, for him to try again and this time succeed in taking his life.

For me there are a few things that stick out to me. I understand that mum is really upset, and angry that she had to go to court to fight for the best interest of her child. No one wants to believe that their child has harmed themselves to such a degree that they end up "Brain Dead", meaning that he has suffered such a catastrophic injury that there was no chance of him successfully leading a normal life,. he would of needed constant care, ventilation to help him breath, with his major organs deteriorating all of the time. The staff caring for Archie can not and do not make these decisions alone or easily. Many hours of meetings will have been held with all disciplines to discuss and make a multi-professional decision which is placed in front of the courts. No one person is responsible for the decision but a group of multi-professionals.

With that being said Archies mum feels angry at her sons court ordered death, and displacing that towards the very people who cared for Archie and who provided emotional support for his family during his treatment. Understandably, the family felt that they had Archies interest at heart, but failed to recognise that the Medical staff have a legal obligation to act in the interest of the Archie. Anger as part of grief, is a common feature, anger at the person that died, anger with out selves, and anger with organisations that provide care services.

I am sure that Archies mum has so much anger and frustration inside her, in is continually reflecting on her own actions, and how if in anyway she contributed to his eventual death, by her actions or in action.

My whole hearted sympathies are with Archies family, along with my understand of of where Mum is within the grief process which is very very early, however, if Archies death was caused by an online challenge of "Blackout" then maybe we should all be campaigning for Social media to control the content on their sites, particularly those posts promoting self harm and suicide.

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