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Autism Awareness Day

Lets Celebrate all people with Autism

Sunday April 2nd 2023

This year‘s observance will address inclusive education in the context of SDG 4 - the promise and reality - through a virtual event that will include a moderated panel discussion, along with brief presentations by self-advocates, educators and other experts.

The theme of inclusive education is intrinsically linked with the focus of last year’s WAAD observance, “Inclusion in the Workplace”. Panelists in last year’s event emphasised how crucial it is to foster inclusive quality education for people on the autism spectrum so that they can fulfil their potential and achieve sustainable success in the labour market.

The event is organised by the UN Department of Global Communications and UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, with the support of civil society partners including the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, the Global Autism Project and the Specialisterne Foundation. The event is co-sponsored by the United Nations Permanent Missions of Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Malta, and Poland.

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