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World Down Syndrome Day

21st March 2023

The world unites annually on March 21 to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, approved by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2011; It aims to raise awareness of Down syndrome and support people with Down syndrome and their families.


  • Awareness of Down syndrome and how it occurs.

  • Raise awareness of the role of people with Down syndrome in societies.

  • Encourage people with Down syndrome to study or work.


  • Down syndrome is a genetic condition where a person is born with an extra chromosome that alters the course of development.

  • In the eighties, the person with Down syndrome was expected to live for about 25 years, while now he lives up to 60 years.

  • Down syndrome is one of the most common chromosomal problems.

  • Some people with Down syndrome suffers from health problems such as: congenital heart defects; But most of these problems can be overcome at present.

  • People with Down syndrome can normally study, work, and coexist with society.

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