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World Suicide Awareness Day

World Suicide Prevention Day is on 10 September. It is an opportunity to raise awareness of suicide and the steps we can take to prevent it and help reduce the stigma surrounding it. 

Each week, approximately 115 people die by suicide in the UK. Research has found that as many as 10% of suicides each year could be work-related (Office for National Statistics, Hazards campaign).

In Spain, it is reported that approximately 77 people die by suicide each week according to (,still%20remains%20increasing%20in%202021.) with these statistics being from 2021.

We believe that suicide is preventable through education and intervention.

That’s why we are calling on workplaces to embed suicide awareness, prevention, and support into their mental health and wellbeing strategies.

If you are struggling to cope with like, there are organisations that you can contact Costa Blanca Samaritans Tel: 0034 902 88 35 35, & Torriveja Samaritans Freephone Helpline telephone number 900525100 & Call for Life, 024, and English Spanish Government suicide prevention Helpline. There are several organisations in the UK that will help you cope when things look hopeless.

Please contact us if you need any further help or assistance.

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